Closing Date 8th March



In every community there are outstanding individuals who strive to help others and continuously act out of human kindness rather than personal gain. These volunteers give up their time and energy to help, whether through fundraising to keep amenities open, starting a new facility to help local youths keep on the straight and narrow or taking time out to look after the disadvantaged. They may volunteer formally through a local group or organisation, or simply be someone who makes a difference by helping at the right time in the right place.




Do you know someone who has overcome a personal tragedy, troubled past or physical disability through sport? Or perhaps someone who has given up their free time and used their skills to help? This award will recognise an individual for their passion for sport and how they have used it in positive ways to change their own life or that of others



Care and compassion are qualities that many people have in our society, but a select few often go over and above what is expected to make others feel special. There are so many carers who give up their time to look after sick or disabled relatives, neighbours or friends by doing their shopping, cleaning their homes, keeping them company or help them retain some independence. These people may be full-time or part-time carers or just offering help in their spare time.




Do you know someone who has overcome fear or faced danger to help others? This special award will be given to an individual who has responded to an immediate need and significantly affected the life or lives of others. This may be someone who has rescued a person from a dangerous situation or shown courage to help another in difficulty. This could also include someone who has bravely faced tragic or devastating personal circumstances and gone on to make a positive difference to the lives of others.




Do you know of a project which has had a real impact on the community? This award will recognise the efforts made by remarkable people who are the driving forces behind projects that have benefited the community. It might be a community centre, a newsletter, an organisation, a drama or sports project or a scheme that makes our surroundings safer and cleaner. These projects can transform what it is like to live in an area.





Who are the people that are willing to put themselves at risk to serve the public? Do you know a fire fighter, a police officer, a doctor, a soldier or sailor, a paramedic or rescue team member who deserves recognition for going beyond the call of duty? This award seeks to recognise public servants who have acted with selflessness and courage along with members of uniformed services who have made an exceptional contribution to the public through their work.



Health workers and care staff make a difference to people in their hour of greatest need. The work they do is so often a matter of life and death. This award is not just open to people who seem to perform medical miracles. It also seeks to recognise anyone in the health or care sector who has changed lives through diligence, professionalism and sheer compassion. This can include GPs, hospital workers, care home staff, opticians, midwives and hospice carers.




Teachers make a difference that can last a lifetime. Everybody can remember a teacher who has been an inspiration – helping a young person strive to live a better life. Teachers, head teachers and other school staff often work tirelessly behind the scenes to give young people the best start in life. Who makes a difference to young people in your area? This category is open to anyone working in an educational setting, including colleges and pre-schools.




The work of local authority staff is so often taken for granted. This award aims to champion outstanding efforts by public servants to improve the lives of people locally. This could include youth workers, street cleaners, social workers, librarians, magistrates and exceptional councillors. In short, anyone who has gone far   beyond what is expected to serve their local community through a public sector body.




Do you know a remarkable and inspirational individual that has consistently contributed to the charity sector? There are many people in our communities struggling for the basic necessities of life. Our Charity Champion will work tirelessly to enable the provision of support and services for a charitable cause. This award recognises people who have made an exceptional effort to advance the profile and raise funds for a particular concern.




Once the judges have reached their decision on the three finalists in each category, the public will have the opportunity to choose their 2013 winner.