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Arthur David, Food with Service, is a family run food distribution company. We have been supplying the Catering industry for the past 50+ years delivering Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Fine Foods, Dairy and Disposable items 6 days a week. Our Customers ranges from Cafés in Birmingham, to restaurants in Plymouth and everything in between.

Many people will know Arthur David the business, as it has operated in and around the South West for the past 50+ years, but may not know the story behind the name.
Arthur David is a Somerset man born & bred. He moved to Bristol in the 1950’s and joined his wife’s family in the fresh produce business. He quickly realised this was the life for him and branched out to start Arthur David & Co.
After initially operating from central Bristol, Arthur decided to go back to his rural roots and moved to the beautiful Chew Valley.

The business is run today by Arthur’s eldest son Phil who has a true passion to see the business his father started, flourish. Never wanting to be second best, Phil has ensured that the business operates at the very highest standards, so things like BRC A grade accreditation, the very best team of people and a fleet of impressive chilled vehicles are pre-requisites.

For many years the business has been known as A. David & Co. Ltd, but recently the directors decided to alter the name to Arthur David, Food with Service Ltd. This is a great mix of the traditional and the modern and will serve as a legacy to the great work that Arthur started all those years ago.
Phil knows that great people deliver great service so has built a strong team to ensure Arthur David stays at the forefront of the industry. Jon Evans who is joint MD with Phil believes in their mantra of “Leave it with us” so much; he has it tattooed on his arm!

So Arthur David has a rich history and remains today one of the key players in the vibrant and exciting Bristol food scene.

A commitment to Customer Service, Quality, Excellence, Teamwork and Respect, the five core values that underpin and steer our business…a unique commitment to our customer that you just won’t find elsewhere.
If you are looking for advice, innovation or just great service give us a call, and “LEAVE IT WITH US”